Future Goals


The success that we have garnered over the decades is guided by our unwavering integrity and respectable work ethic. These values will continue to sustain the close relationships we have with our business counterparts, as well as top-notch products and the best business practices. 

√ Reliable, high-grade blends and products
√ Business and environmental sustainability through eco-friendly initiatives
√ Smooth operations and supply of materials at a fair, competitive rate for all clients
√ Adopting a close-knit, ‘family’ approach for welfare and overall business practices 


Scaling our operations through private equity investments, we aim to extend our leading capabilities further onto the world stage. Developing our operations in China and India to facilitate our warehousing and stocking processes. Leveraging on these strategic locations will enable better access to our clients, as well as more efficient distribution across Asia.

We have also firmed up collaborations with our Indonesian associates, tapping on the thriving market of raw materials. This opportunity will allow us to manufacture high quality products direct from its sources, ensuring a steady supply of materials at a fair, competitive rate. Through sustainable and eco-friendly business practices that are beneficial for the products, environment and the welfare for every individual involved in the manufacturing and distribution process.  

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